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In what looks like a boon for IT Admins everywhere news of a new BIOS based VNC Server solution comes from a partnership between Intel and RealVNC.

This motherboard based VNC Server will allow admins to VNC to a remote PC if the computer is off or doesn’t have a functioning OS.

Nice – Remote installs anyone? I’ve been waiting for a feature like this to come along for a long time.

You need a specific version of VNC (VNC Viewer Plus) along with a vPro Processor and AMT6.0 to support this. You also need a license for each installation of VNC Viewer Plus, but wow what a leap forward!

I had investigated AMT a few months ago but couldn’t figure out its benefits. The recent news makes it all clear…

This should make my job a lot easier – I’ll be able to connect PC’s directly up to the end-user network – no need to move them into the network room to build and have to move them a second time to users desks. I can build on the spot…

More information here

~ by Martin on September 21, 2011.

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