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Finally a performance laptop with WiDi on board – WiDi 2.0 even

I’ve been in the market for a new laptop for some time now but haven’t came across anything that tickles my fancy or combines performance, USB 3.0 and Intel’s new WiDi technology which I’m already a fan of but haven’t had the opportunity to view in the flesh.
At last I think I’ve found the holy grail! Sony’s just released the new Vaio S

It starts at under 1000 dollars which isn’t cheap for a laptop these days but its cheap for Sony – when compared to the price of the old Vaio Z – which has now mysteriously disappeared from Sony’s product line up. Will we see an update to the Vaio Z coming along soon?

Yes – I am a Sony fan. I’ve had my Vaio VGN-S380P which was a great laptop and though I’m ashamed to say it I’m actually a bit proud to say also that it’s been going for 6 years now. The only upgrade I made was to increase the memory from 512mb to 1Gb. I should really have at least 2Gb’s in there at this stage – but it’s puttering along nicely for now.

Vaio S here I come – or maybe I’ll wait to see what the new Vaio Z has in store…

~ by Martin on March 8, 2011.


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  1. Do actually assume that is true?

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  3. Super Duper Cool Site Man!!!

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