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Friendlier Claris it – Strange name/great function

Friendlier Claris It – A bunch of Entourage scripts with a preposterous name which provide quite useful functions…

If you work in an office and use Entourage you’ll know a lot of extra work’s involved if you want to sort e-mail and jpg attachments. That’s where Friendlier Claris It scripts come in. The scripts allow you to sort messages and save message attachments highlighted in Entourage by pressing a predefined hotkey.

Saving attachments is the most useful feature of those scripts in my opinion so I’m going to focus on that.

In the original version of Friendlier Claris It which can be found here the script would remove attachments and save them to whatever location was defined in the config script. It would also update the message(s) the script was executed against with the location attachments were saved to – useful but there are a lot of people who would like to keep their e-mail and attachments intact.

I’ve modified the original version to still save attachments but leave the messages you run the script against intact. The modification also includes an automatic flagging of the message(s) to indicate which ones you ran the script against.

Simply copy the zip contents into “/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items” and from the Entourage script menu run “Change FCI Preferences” to choose where you want to save attachments to.

At the end of the config if asked to “Sort unified e-mail by e-mail account” or “File group contacts into subfolders” answer no to both prompts. The rest of the config setup is self explanatory.

Note that even though the config script indicates mail attachments will be removed, in my version of the scripts this will not happen. Once you have the configuration part done hit CTRL + X on a highlighted e-mail for the juice.

The scripts can also be executed against public folder content.

I hope this will be useful to some of those Entourage users out there.

Don’t forget to donate to Friendlier Claris It’s author if you find the script useful and please find out where he came up with that name – Friendlier Claris It???

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~ by Martin on November 1, 2009.

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