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High iPhone bills

Two users at work were shocked to receive bills recently well over amounts normal users would incur.

Both were down to data usage even though those users had not used their iPhone data service in any significant way, preferring to use wifi to connect at home.

That can be a big problem if you’re a new iPhone user living in Ireland where we don’t have unlimited data plans like in the US.

If you’ve encountered this problem you need to look at the apps that are running in the background on your iPhone.

It’s not really advertised by Apple a lot but when starting another app on your iPhone the last one you were using will still run in the background unless you’ve closed it down. These location-based, e-mail, update or streaming media apps could all be running in the background eating through your data plan without you knowing it.

These apps may also be draining your battery unnecessarily.

To solve this double-click on the menu button twice in quick succession. You can now see the full list of apps that are running in the background toward the bottom of the screen. Now press and hold on one of those icons until they start to shake and you can see a minus symbol in the top right hand corner of those apps. Click on the minus symbol on each app to close.

iOS doesn’t give you a way to close apps from the applications themselves or close all background running apps at once without jail-breaking your phone so you’ll have to go through each one and close. That or restart your iPhone

~ by Martin on September 16, 2011.

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