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Intel WIDI

Here’s a technology I’m excited about…

It’s Intel’s WIDI which stands for “Wireless Display”. The tech allows you to stream your PC/Laptop video to your TV wirelessly so you can do away with VGA/audio cables.

Three big manufacturers have released this kit baked into their laptops already- Dell , Sony and Toshiba.

Currently you need to hook a receiver box up to your TV in order to get the video stream onto your TV – that’s where the Netgear “Push2TV” comes in. It currently comes bundled with laptops sporting the tech. Your Intel Core 2010 laptop then creates a Personal Area Network over the Wireless N standard to push the stream to the TV.

The upsides are WIDI supports video up to 1080p. Downsides are Blu-Ray video streams are not allowed due to DRM restrictions

If this technology takes off we may see manufacturers integrating the receiver into their TV’s – Here’s hoping….

~ by Martin on October 26, 2010.


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