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Latest posts will not appear on my WordPress blog

I had some problems with my WordPress blog not displaying new posts unless I was logged in as an admin.

Fine for me but a major problem for readers of my blog – since they all can’t be logged in as admin’s 😉

I found the problem started once I updated to WordPress 3.4.0.

If you use WP Super Cache 1.1 try de-activating it as the new posts showed up straight after.

Don’t get me wrong – I love  WP Super Cache as it vastly improved my blogs performance (hosted with GoDaddy) by eliminating a lots of page time-out errors a few months ago (I’m on a shared plan and performance isn’t a priority for me yet).

I’m not going to say the above is specifically an incompatibility between WordPress 3.4 and WP Super Cache 1.1 as I don’t have a very common hosting configuration (so another factor could be involved) but for me – that’s what worked.

If it works for you please get in touch with Donncha the plugin developer.

I’m going to leave WP Super Cache disabled for now as I’m not seeing as many page time out problems with GoDaddy as I did a couple of months ago but I’ll certainly be looking at WP Super Cache 1.2 when it gets released.

~ by Martin on July 29, 2012.

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