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Microsoft attempts to silence their critics…

Are you tired of those Mac users that always whine about how their OSX operating system “never gets viruses….” blah blah blah? Are any members of your family Mac fanboys?

If you answered No Please-please-please enjoy the silence while it lasts. Those moments are golden.

If you answered Yes – I commiserate because I feel your pain…

You could try hitting back at these fanboys by saying that  Microsoft operating systems get viruses because they have a greater market share. If there is a greater percentage of interconnected PCs running the same OS it makes for easy virus propagation. Estimates of global OS usage can be found here but statistics just seem to boggle the typical fanboy. There’s no place for numbers in their minds…

Finally Microsoft have also decided to strike back. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free A/V scanner which will use the same anti-virus definitions used in Microsofts Forefront line of security products, so MS is putting their business money where their mouth is…


Its free – Is free good?

Low resource usage Microsoft say


Unproven as yet

I’ll be installing it on my desktop PC which is running Windows 7 Ultimate – Thanks Microsoft!!


Microsoft Security Essentials

Update 01-11-2009 Microsoft’s Security Essentials been rated the best free anti-virus for Windows

~ by Martin on October 22, 2009.

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  1. Am using AVG at the mo but will give this a whirl since getting my free copy of Win7 Ultimate from the recent Launch in Dublin. Nice one

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