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Microsoft Surface


Some very interesting news from Microsoft has just been released in the past couple of days. They’ll be dropping an own branded tablet/slate device called Surface in the next couple of months around the Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 release time-frame.

Here’s a very slick video they’ve released for the Surface device.

Surface is primarily a tablet but it’s also got a very thin detachable keyboard/trackpad (which also acts as the screen cover) and an integrated kickstand so it can be used on a table to do some serious web browsing or some real work even!

I was also impressed by a recent Microsoft patent filing for a combined data/power cable connector. It’s not been confirmed whether this new type of data/power connector will be used in the Surface device but it’s certainly a possibility.

Along with an Intel i5 Core Processor which should support dual wireless displays (via WIDI) this tablet looks like a very interesting proposition.

~ by Martin on June 22, 2012.


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