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Paint.Net – A free alternative to Photoshop

Image manipulation isn’t something the average home user has to worry about for their average day to day computer use – but come on Microsoft, Paint hasn’t been updated in a major way since – what Windows 95?

Before posting this blog I had a look at the Paint application on my new Win7 Ultimate installation and the only new additions to the app I could find are shapes, new brushes and the ability to save files as png…The UI has changed – I’ll give you that but that doesn’t add any new functionality!

Ok – The new brushes are cool – but where’s the layer based image composition?, the magic wand-like selection tool? and all the other blahde blahde blah yakedy smakedy?

Well they’re not there…

So do yourself a favour and get Paint.Net installed. It’s got more than enough features for the average PC user that doesn’t need Photoshop.

~ by Martin on October 26, 2009.

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  1. Or you could use GIMP (www.gimp.org) which is also free and much better than any Windoz product on the market.

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