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Problem with Direct Access and Vodafone 3G/HSDPA – Update. SEP is the problem

I found the source of our Direct Access problems back in May during a lull period at work. Sorry for not updating then guys…

Here’s a link to my previous Direct Access post

I had a suspicion our anti-virus may have been causing our Direct Access problem so I went ahead and removed Symantec Endpoint Protection using CleanWipe which you can find here

I’m not that big a fan of Symantec as we had problems with our previous generation of PC’s – we suspected it was causing random out of the blue power downs of some PC’s while users were working. We could never prove it though as no event viewer logs were recorded just before the PC’s powered down unexpectedly. Luckily we’ve not had any problems of this type on our current generation of PC’s – they do have a new version of SEP installed though! In hindsight I should have tried removing SEP to test with Direct Access sooner in light of my previous experience with Symantec.

Anyway – Back to Direct Access. Once SEP was uninstalled with MS Security Essentials replacing it – Direct Access started behaving as it should on our laptops over a HSDPA/3G connection, and I didn’t have to run the “netsh interface 6to4 set state disabled” command  indicated in my previous post anymore.

I then decided to do  some more digging on the subject once I realised SEP was causing the problem and found this little nugget from a Symantec forum post.

So if you’re thinking about deploying Direct Access and have SEP deployed you have three choices:

1. Wait for the SEP update to come out in August 2012.

2. Uninstall SEP and replace with an antivirus that works with Direct Access (might be workable if you’ve only a small group of users that need to use Direct Access) i.e. replace AV for that group and leave the others with SEP.

3. Create a batch file that will run the “netsh interface 6to4 set state disabled” on start up on each laptop.

Hope this helps guys


~ by Martin on June 24, 2012.

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