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RT7 Lite – The Windows 7 successor to nLite

nLite was a great little tool to customize your Windows XP OS before actually installing it. I mainly used it to remove pesky addon’s like Games from the default installation source then integrate drivers and OS updates into ISO’s before burning these onto disc and using them to install the OS.

It was also possible to integrate silent software installs with nLite – but with software release updates coming out all the time what would be the point?

The need to integrate drivers has been eliminated from Win7 since it does such a good job of finding the correct drivers from the Windows Update site – however updates are still required.

Enter RT Se7en Lite to pick up where nLite left off.

I haven’t tested RT7 yet but if it’s half as useful as nLite – than its a keeper. You can find it here

~ by Martin on August 14, 2011.

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