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Skydrive – A great way to sync your files across all devices

I’ve had a hotmail account since the service first came out in 1996 – it was the “fashionable” web mail client to use until G-Mail landed at which point my hotmail account started gathering internet dust bunnies.

I’ve now found a reason to go back though thanks to SkyDrive – Hotmail’s Cloud service.

SkyDrive has seen many iteration’s and re-incarnations with names such as Live Mesh, Live Sync etc but this version seems to do exactly what it says on the tin. For a free service (with 7GB of cloud storage) the performance is great (compared to how it used to be under the Live Sync name) and it’s compatible with iPhone and iPad via a free app, so you can sync your files across Win7, OSX, iOS and  WP7.

There’s no official Microsoft app for Android yet but there is a 3rd party Browser for Skydrive app available for the Android platform.

I’ve had no problems with the service at work either. Our proxy server hasn’t interrupted the service or prevented me accessing my Skydrive files at any time during the past month I’ve had the application installed on my Win7 PC so it’s a thumbs up all round.

Try it out

~ by Martin on July 31, 2012.

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