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WiDi and Android (Miracast) wireless streaming in one device

I’m a big fan of WiDi.

If you don’t know what that is check out my previous posts here and here

Wirelessly streaming your laptop screen (or desktop screen for that matter) to your TV – amazing you say? Well now it get’s even better…

Netgear have updated their PTV3000 device firmware to also support some Android devices via Miracast. Now you can display your laptop and Android screens wirelessly on your big screen, with one device!

Kudos to Netgear by adding value to their PTV3000.

If the inclusion of Android wireless support has made you decide to pull the trigger on the PTV3000  – just make sure whatever Android device you’re using is supported by the PTV3000. Netgear seems to have gone through a couple of firmware revisions already so I’m sure the supported device list will increase as time goes. If your device isn’t on the list check back to the support page every couple of weeks.


~ by Martin on March 2, 2013.


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